Great satisfaction for Wolf Racing Cars at the end of the single-make Italian Sports Prototypes Championship 2018 using the GB08 Thunder


Great satisfaction for Wolf Racing Cars at the end of the single-make Italian Sports Prototypes Championship 2018 using the GB08 Thunder

02.11.2018 – Another memorable weekend has crowned Wolf Racing Car’s presence in the Italian Sports Prototype 2018 Championship with an electrifying double race at Mugello, that has ended the first season of the series in single-make regime using the new Wolf GB08 Thunder.

The competitive car designed and developed at the Wolf Racing Cars’ factory in Gardone Val Trompia has shown all its quality also in the second exit of the season on the 5.245 meters-long Tuscan racetrack, showing good speed in all weather conditions from the dry on Saturday to the rain on Sunday. The perfect balancing, driving agility and the top quality package completed by the Aprilia RSV4 1.0 liters RSV4 engine and Yokohama tyres confirmed the performance of the Italian car shown throughout the season.

The great responsiveness of the Wolf GB08 Thunder allowed all 21 drivers partaking in this sporting season to challenge each other en-par on some of the most spectacular Italian circuits like Monza, Vallelunga, Imola, Misano and Mugello, that was the only circuit hosting two rounds. The championship has been uncertain until the final meter and the victory eventually went to Matteo Pollini. The Giacomo Race driver secured the title only at the end of the closing of the twelve scheduled races.

Giovanni Bellarosa (Wolf Racing Cars, General Manager):
“We had 12 unforgettable races, we can describe each one of them in the smallest details, as we followed all these events with great focus to allow all drivers to get 100% of the potential in our Wolf GB08 Thunder. Despite being a new project, the Thunder showed an incredible adaptation level on all circuits and on all weather conditions, in the summer with track temperature higher than 40° to rounds like the recent one in Mugello under the rain. Drivers appreciated the driveability of this car, which was a very important aspect to us since the design stage, in order to allow all drivers to have fun pushing hard on track. Seven winners in 12 races show that we achieved the goal of putting up a very exciting spectacle both for drivers and fans in the Italian Sports Prototypes. This made us proud and motivated us to work with renewed energy ahead of the next seasons”.

Italian Sports Prototypes 2018 | Final Classification
Campionato Italiano Sport Prototipi 2018 | Classifica Finale
1. Pollini M. (Giacomo Race) pt. 124; 2, Pegoraro (Best Lap) pt. 120; 3. Pollini G.(Giacomo Race) pt. 106; 4. Riccitelli (Kinetic Racing Team) pt. 93; 5. Gagliardini (Best Lap) pt. 85; 6. Capitanio (Best Lap) pt. 80; 7. Giudice (Scuderia Giudici) pt. 80; 8. Uboldi (BF Motorsport) pt. 59; 9. Carboni (Best Lap) pt. 55; 10. Hultén (RPM RacePromote Scandinavia) pt. 54.