Magione: Bellarosa second in qualifying and race

Magione: Bellarosa second in qualifying and race2019-06-25T11:58:31+02:00

Magione: Bellarosa second in qualifying and race

06/06/2010 – Another podium for Bellarosa at Magione in the fourth round of the Italian Prototypes Championship 2010.

In qualifying on Saturday, the driver from Brescia set the second absolute fastest time in 1’06.923 at the wheel of his Wolf GB08-Honda. During the race he tried as much as possible to attack the author of the pole position Davide Uboldi (Uboldi Corse) and to achieve the success but the characteristics of the track did not offer overtaking chances. The race ended with the first two positions unchanged from lights to flag and with Bellarosa winner of class CN2.

Among the other Avelon drivers, good fifth place for Marco Visconti; under the chequered flag also Gianluca Ripoli and Guglielmo Belotti while Marika Diana was forced to the retirement.

In the absolute classification, Bellarosa is currently second at 54 points, six shy the leader Davide Uboldi. In class CN2, the driver from Brescia is still at full points and firmly at the lead with 40 points, 19 clear Maurzio Arfè (Progetto Corsa).

Ivan Bellarosa:
“At Magione it is notoriously difficult to overtake and I hoped in the pole to aim at the success. In qualifying, that little tenth more made the difference and in race it was almost impossible to try concretely an overtaking manoevre, the only exception was in occasion of a lapping.
The absolute classification is still open and I believe that the championship is destined to be decided only in the last race; in CN2 the Wolf confirmed once more to be unbeatable and this proves again the validity of this project”.

The Italian Prototypes Championship will be back on track next 20 June at Adria.