Spa-Francorchamps: a fantastic weekend

Spa-Francorchamps: a fantastic weekend2019-06-25T11:58:12+02:00

Spa-Francorchamps: a fantastic weekend

11/04/2013 – Last weekend the twin racing drivers took part in ‘Trophée des Fagnes’, in Spa-Francorchamps. The event consisted in three sprint races of 20 minutes each and the main one: the 150 minutes endurance race, where Nicola and Stefano shared their number 5 Wolf GB08.

Since Saturday – qualifying under a very light snow! – they managed to succeed over their competitors with a consistently fast pace. They were relentless and at the end of the weekend they achieved something incredible: they won the lot!
Nicola started first for the endurance race stopping after 1 hour and half to lend the steering wheel to his twin brother who completed the race with a 1 minute advantage over the second car (the other Wolf driven by Naomi Schiff and Henk Haane).

On Sunday Nicola won the first and third sprint races while Stefano came first on the second race.

Nicola De Val: “This races went extremely well and I am, of course, absolutely chuffed about this. Spa is a very difficult and fast circuit, and I was worried since the car was new for me, but after qualifying for the endurance race I felt very confident. The car is incredibly stable at very high speed. The faster the better. The results speak for themself.”

Stefano De Val: “Endurance races are new for us so the weekend started with a big question mark over the 150 minutes race. The driver change was fun and I’ve found surprising how fast the time passes while driving in such a beautiful circuit. Thanks to the team (Baskoeten racing) and the car which worked perfectly during all weekend we achieved an extraordinary result and I hope we will be able to repeat it during the next events.”